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Re: [m2e-users] m2e console window no longer captures messages when closed

My memory maybe failing me, but I think we had to give up the old
behaviour for uninitialized console in order to avoid early/undesired
activation of m2e bundles. Opened-then-closed maven console does capture
build logs as it did before and it is possible to configure logback to
write maven logs to a separate file.


On 11-10-31 4:28 PM, Chris wrote:
I just upgraded from Sonatype m2eclipse to Eclipse m2e. The Maven
console window has stopped working unless it's selected. So if I make a
change to a pom, get an error, and switch to the window to see what
happened, there's nothing there. I need to recreate the error.

Is there a config setting I can use to capture all Maven output?

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