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Re: [m2e-users] m2e 1.1.0 - catalog - where are the connectors???

As explained in [1] and [2], to allow incompatibilities between
different versions of m2e versions and m2e extensions, 1.0 and 1.1
catalogs are served off different discovery URLs.

To make your extensions appear in 1.1 catalog you need to make sure they
install and work with the new version as expected, then open a
bugreport in m2e bugzilla with [catalog] in the subject and attach a
patch to make required changes to [3]. The new <m2e-versions/> element
lists m2e version the catalog is compatible with and is assumed "1.0" by

We plan to keep m2e 1.1 backwards compatible with 1.0, in other words,
all m2e extensions that use m2e 1.0 public APIs are expected to work
with m2e 1.1 without any changes.



On 11-10-03 3:16 PM, Pino Silvaggio wrote:

just noticed that my connectors (m2e-xmlbeans-connector and
m2e-jaxb-connector) are not
in the catalog of m2e 1.1.0. In fact, other connectors aren't there

Is this because I need to update my connectors to work with 1.1.0 (API

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