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Re: [m2e-users] Maven LifeCycleManagement

I am not sure I understand the problem. Does your command line build
reformats java code (or validates java code format), or these actions
are strictly m2e specific and have no command line build counterparts?


On 11-09-30 11:06 AM, Sascha Vujevic wrote:
Hello users,
i have a question about the m2e 1.0 lifecyclemanagement:
we need to execute configurators on maven-projects which e.g. formats
java-code or make save-actions on these projects. These executions are
normally not attached to maven-plugins. How can i attache these
configurators (own plugins) to m2e.
Is there a possibility to atache more then one configurator to one
Thank you for your help an have a nice week.
Best regards
Sascha Vujevic

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