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Re: [m2e-users] m2eclipse dependency ordering

m2e is expected to produce the same test runtime classpath order as
maven 3.0.2 on command line with minor deviations necessary to support
workspace dependency resolution described in [1]. If the tests pass on
command line with maven 3.0.2 or newer but fail from m2e, please open a
bugreport in m2e bugzilla [2]. Make sure to attach complete standalone
example project and steps to reproduce the problem.


On 11-09-30 10:59 AM, Kevin Sutter wrote:
How does the m2eclipse plugin determine the ordering of maven
dependencies?  It does not seem to follow the normal maven dependency

I work on Apache OpenJPA.  I've got a maven-enabled application project
that is using OpenJPA along with many other dependencies.  When I run my
tests from the command line using maven, everything works just fine.
But, when I bring this project into Eclipse (using m2eclipse), the maven
dependencies have a slightly different order and my tests do not run
correctly.  My environment is requiring a certain order for the
dependencies due to unique testing requirements (patches, etc).  I have
found no means of affecting the order of the maven dependencies in the
Eclipse environment.  Can somebody help me figure this out?

I've searched the archives and tested various approaches with no luck.


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