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Re: [m2e-users] maven 3.0.3 - performance with version ranges

I do not know if the underlying problem has been solved with aether
and/or maven. You need to talk to aether and/or maven developers to find

As far updating m2e embedded maven runtime, it is relatively easy now --
setup development environment as explain in [1], then change
m2e-maven-runtime/org.eclipse.m2e.maven.runtime/pom.xml to use whatever
version of dependencies you want to try.



On 11-09-30 6:22 AM, Paul French wrote:
maven 3.0.3 has terrible performance and memory usage when using version
ranges. This has a knock on effect using m2e

It takes maven ages to update the maven dependencies.

I have a main project with a some version ranged dependencies which in
turn have versioned ranged dependencies. Outside of eclipse it takes
many minutes and considerable memory to get a successful build. Most
time is spent resolving the dependencies.

I have also run maven offline when I know I have all dependencies in my
local repo and it is still very, very slow.

In m2e (and workspace resolution on), you can check out a dependency
that is very simple and this triggers a re-build of the main project.
The same happens when you delete the dependent project or make pom
version changes to it. So in eclipse this becomes really tedious
especially if you have 4 or 5 related projects checked out. You end up
sitting and waiting for your workspace to be re-built all the time.

I understand what maven is doing but I do believe it could be done a lot
better when resolving version ranges.

I also know maven 3.0.3 uses aether 1.11 to so its dependency management.

I'm really keen to try and find a solution. aether 1.12 has been
released. Is there anyway I can hook this into maven 3.0.3

Does aether 1.12 solve

Is there a pre-release of maven 3.0.4 out there yet that I can try and
does it use aether 1.12 ?


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