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Re: [m2e-users] About the build-helper extra source folders fix published in m2e 1.1 snapshot

What version of the build-helper connector do you have installed? If it
is (or newer), I'll need a sample project and steps
to reproduce the problem.


On 11-09-29 8:32 AM, Vincent Vandenschrick wrote:
Hi all,
First of all, I would like to thank Igor (and the M2E team in general)
for the availability of a 1.1 snaphot version that fixes bug .

I have 2 questions though :

- Testing the fixed plugin, it seems that the build-helper extra source
folders are made available to other subsequent plugins if and only if I
explicitely introduce an <execute> section for it in my pom.xml, despite
I have the build-helper connector installed. I thought that this was
only needed if no m2e connector covered the plugin execution.

- The second is more for Fred : Do you know if the new M2E-WTP you
staged yesterday (0.14...) is compatible with the snapshot m2e 1.1.x ?

Thanks again and keep up the good work !


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