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Re: [m2e-users] problems with connectors

With 1.0 the execution model was changed, if you use the Maven import wizard (in Eclipse) then required connectors that are available will be automatically offered for installation.  (Alternatively, there is a quickfix on the error in the POM)

More information can be found in the wiki:

On 15 September 2011 16:43, Edson Cimionatto <ecimionatto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
First I would like to thanks for the excellent work done with
m2eclipse over the years.

But... Since I started working with Eclipse Indigo I am having several
problems with "plugin execution not covered in lifecycle". I noticed
that a lot of people are having issues with the new connectors...

Is there any documentation that explains how the connectors work? I
installed pretty much all connector even thought I still have basic
issues with all plugins...

Edson Cimionatto
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