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Re: [m2e-users] Configuring the web.xml file with m2e-wtp

Posted too quickly... I meant no way to tell it to m2e through the POM.

On 09/15/2011 07:01 PM, Rafał Krzewski wrote:
Yes, and no. In the "Check out as Maven projects" dialog contributed by m2e scm connectors, in Advanced section, there's Profiles input element that allows you to enter the names of the profiles that should be activated on the imported projects. That's convenient when you are importing a bunch of projects from SCM and need to activate a profile on each one. AFAICT there is not way to tell m2e that it should activate a profile while doing the import. You need to open Advanced section and enter profile name manually.
Perhaps you need to file an enhancement request? ;)


On 09/15/2011 06:56 PM, Greg Thomas wrote:
On 15 September 2011 17:28, Greg Thomas<greg.d.thomas@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Have you tried using profiles? Project properties> Maven> Activate Maven Profiles allows you to activate a specific profile when building the project
under eclipse.
That certainly looks like a potential resolution,
I'll have a play to see what I can do ..
That certainly did the trick; Many thanks.

However, it does lead to one more question; is there a way to
automatically activate a profile when m2e imports a pom.xml in to
Eclipse? That way I don't have to remember to activate the right one,
or ensure that my colleagues read the documentation (hah!) when they
import it.

Thanks again,

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