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Re: [m2e-users] m2e and m2eclipse versions


I don't have a changelog on this but I guess an m2e developer can easily fill you in on the major changes.

From my point of view, m2eclipse works a lot better than it used to. Even better, m2e-wtp is a lot more usable than before. However, one major drawback of upgrading was that I had to repair manually all my projects because it seems that the name of the classpath library "Maven container" changed its identifier (wondering why there was no automatic conversion of it). When I upgraded my workspace, I had to manually fix these Maven container issues. If you start on a fresh workspace, you won't see the difference.

Le 14/09/2011 11:39, Krämer, Michael a écrit :
Hi together,

is there any comprehensive list of the available versions of maven eclipse integration and, in the best of all worlds, an aggregated changelog?

I'm using 0.12.1 from Sonatype in combination with m2e-wtp 0.11.1 and I consider an upgrade. And I like to get an impression about what has changed since then.

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