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Re: [m2e-users] Dumb newbie archetype question

Duh, figured it out.

Note to self: try following directions next time.

Using command line maven, do exactly what author said. These archetypes are inherent to maven.

On 09/13/2011 03:42 PM, Steve Cohen wrote:
Pardon the dumb newbie question but I'm new to archetypes and am being
driven crazy by this device that is supposed to make my life simple.

OK, I've upgraded to Eclipse 3.7. I've gotten the latest m2e and
m2e-wtp. I want to play with a simple tutorial example first. OK, this
looks like a good one:

First step the author recommends:

We're going to start with a basic web application, which in my case
means firing up Maven's mvn archetype:generate and choosing the simple
webapp archetype. So now we have this:

|-- pom.xml
`-- src
`-- main
|-- resources
`-- webapp
| `-- web.xml
`-- index.jsp

Evidently, the author thought it was too simple to provide the name of
this simple webapp archetype, but doing a little googling, I find that
he must mean maven-archetype-webapp from org.apache.maven.archetypes,
which is documented to produce the structure he's aiming for.

But lo and behold, I don't find this archetype in the list brought up by
m2e. My company's Nexus repository supposedly mirrors maven central. So
what gives? Why can't I find this SIMPLE archetype to build this SIMPLE
project? Why is this SIMPLE thing taking me all day?


Seriously, I'd appreciate any help. Has this thing been deprecated,
removed, or something? How SHOULD I create a simple webapp from an
archetype using m2e?

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