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Re: [m2e-users] maven web apps not loading in Eclipse with M2E

m2e 1.0 and m2e-wtp 0.13.1 both work on Eclipse 3.6. However there's no migration path from previous m2e* versions, so, if moving to 3.7 is not an option, you'll most likely need to start from a fresh 3.6 installation.


Fred Bricon

2011/9/13 Steve Cohen <scohen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Eclipse 3.7?  Didn't know it was out.  Based on your recommendatiom2en I will have to get it first before trying anything else, since I was barely scraping along with 3.6 and m2e.

On 09/13/2011 11:27 AM, Guillaume Polet wrote:
Hi Steve,

I don't know about Webby but I have used m2e (and previously M2Eclipse)
with the WTP-integration and as you said, it was kind of struggle to get
things to work. However, I have noticed a great improvement in usability
since Eclipse 3.7 for m2e and WTP integration. Honestly I was surprised
(in a good way) of how simple it was to get it to work. You check out
your project and you automatically get a project set up with the correct
facets. If you modify your pom.xml in a way that this should be reflect
in your project facets or deployment descriptor, just use the "Update
project configuration" and you should be good to go (I have tested this,
e.g., with the compiler target level, with the final name of the war,
and some other stuffs and it worked like a charm).

Congratulations to the developers.


Le 13/09/2011 18:12, Steve Cohen a écrit :
I should further mention that I am already fighting the battle of the
bulge with eclipse + m2e. Adding another heavyweight component to the
mix scares me a little. This is why I might prefer webby if it can do
what I need it to.

On 09/13/2011 11:07 AM, Steve Cohen wrote:
Thanks, Rafał.

I suspected I hadn't installed something I needed.

But now you give me two choices m2e-wtp and webby. :-(

I'd vaguely heard of the former, the latter is new to me.

Can you help me answer the question, which one? I learn that wtp is more
full-featured but sometimes painfully slow and webby is faster but lacks
some things.

I am doing development of a web service. No presentation layer in this
project. Can webby handle this or does it need the JEE support of

On 09/13/2011 10:34 AM, Rafał Krzewski wrote:

Hi Steve,

m2e by itself does not support web application development. You need an
additional integration module. At this point there are two alternatives
available: m2e-wtp and webby. Search the list archives for more
information. If you are using one of those modules already, you need to
tell us which one.


On 09/13/2011 05:11 PM, Steve Cohen wrote:
I haven't tried before to deploy web apps built with maven on the
Tomcat server running from Eclipse using m2e. I have an app that runs
just fine when deployed as a WAR file on a Tomcat Server, but this app
and another, much simpler app, fail to load under Eclipse. The error
message in the Tomcat console is.

SEVERE: Error configuring application listener of class


Yet the class org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener is
in the Maven dependencies.

A non-maven webapp loads without difficulty in this environment.

Is there something I need to do with m2e to get this to work?

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