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[m2e-users] After manually installing a jar in local repo, the available plugin list doesn't populate with the new jar

I had to install the Oracle JDBC driver (ojdbc6) in my local repo for my integration tests.  I ran "install:install-file" from the command line to install it, and then I inspected the hierarchy that created.  It looks correct to me.

I then went back into Eclipse and tried to add a new dependency.  When I entered "ojdbc" in the filter, it didn't show the new artifact that I installed.  I tried clicking the "Refresh" icon in the graphical view of the POM.  I also tried selecting "Update Dependencies" from the Maven context menu on the project.  Neither of these made any difference.

I then manually installed the dependency reference in my POM and ran my test.  It worked fine.

Is there anything else I should have done to refresh what plugins are available to populate in that list?

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