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Re: [m2e-users] Dependencies when deploying to server...

sorry. no.  :) i just found a posting on with the same hint.

thank u!

2011/9/3 Fred Bricon <fbricon@xxxxxxxxx>
Are you using m2e-wtp? (

2011/9/3 Chris Joysn <joysn71@xxxxxxxxx>

i use m2e for dependency management in my projects and
define some dependencies as provided and test scoped.

But when i deploy my "Dynamic web projects" e.g. to Glassfish/Tomcat
then all dependencies are deployed to Glassfish/Tomcat.
This is even more problematic because i use glassfish-embedded
to unit test EJBs and the deployed glassfish-embedded-all.jar
interfers with the normal Glassfish server runtime.

How can i avoid to deploy the provided and test scoped
dependencies to Glassfish/Tomcat?

Thanks in advance.

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