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[m2e-users] Could not get the value for staleFile param with jaxws-maven-plugin


I'm getting the following error in Eclipse Indigo when using m2e & the jaxws-maven-plugin:

Could not get the value for parameter staleFile for plugin execution default (org.codehaus.mojo:jaxws-maven-plugin:1.10:wsimport:default:generate-sources) pom.xml /customerservice-api line 3 Maven Build Problem

It seems that some people have been getting this error when multiple plugin executions have been configured. In my case there's only one execution, AFAIK:


I also tried specifying staleFile explicitly but that didn't help.
What's causing this issue?

Here're the version details:
- jaxws-maven-plugin v1.10
- m2e v1.0.100.20110804-1717
- m2e connector for jaxws v1.0.0.20110810


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