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[m2e-users] m2e-wtp: wrong EJB-client dependency usage inside eclipse


I use Eclipse Indigo, Maven 3.0.3 and m2e with wtp to develop TWO
dependent EAR applications.

I split the projects into ear and ejb projects and use the ejb/ear packaging.
The ejb projects are configured to create 2 jars (EJB and EJB-CLIENT)

EAR-a contains EJB-a and EJB-a-CLIENT.
EJB-a deploys a SessionBean with a special global jndi name (this is required).

EAR-b uses the EJB-a-CLIENT dependency to enable remote calls on EAR-a.

Building with maven and running the created archives, everything is
fine. But running the open projects direct from the eclipse workspace,
I get this problem:

Inside the eclipse, the complete EJB-a (not only the client part) is
used to create EAR-b. Now also EAR-a and EAR-b contain EJB-a and then
I have TWO SessonBeans trying to use the same global jndi name. -->
NameAlreadyBoundException :(

How can I prevent that wtp uses the complete EAR-a? It only has to use
the EJB-a-CLIENT part like configured inside the pom dependencies of