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Re: [m2e-users] feedback M2E Ingio - m2e connector concept

On Jun 27, 2011, at 4:19 AM, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:

Every team member working on the same set of projects will have to make the same workspace configuration. Is this really better than adding config to the pom?

Not every team member uses Eclipse. Why should they have their POM "polluted" ?

If a team lead makes changes to the POM and checks those in, then regardless of what happens to a developer's Eclipse installation or workspaces the information is stored somewhere it can be utilized. For one developer it might not matter much -- though I would argue it's still easier being in the POM -- but for the team it is undoubtedly better being in the POM. If I spent 10 minutes correctly the POM for execution what purpose would it serve making N developers on the team do the same. Where N is high the cost is high. Easily cost maintenance by putting it in the POM.


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"Hervé BOUTEMY" <herve.boutemy@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I like this new feature: it's better to know something is not done than
ignoring it
but this red X is really annoying

what about to store the list of ignored mojos in m2e confign for the
m2e configuration in Eclipse configuration seems natural

of course, this would be a configuration at wrokspace level, not
project level.
But is configuration at project level useful ?

Notice: sorry for not having reported this issue before, have this
and find a solution together...


Le vendredi 24 juin 2011, Pascal Rapicault a écrit :
Just to be clear. The projects are *not* corrupted (nothing bad is
done to
your classpath, class files, etc.). You just get red X's (I know they
annoying) but you should still be able to run the code. Could you
describe in which respect is your project "corrupted"? Also, as
before, the errors can mostly be removed in one shot in the parent

"Backward compatibility" is not the right terminology here. m2e had
change because of the erratic behaviour (infinite builds, test not
recognized, etc.) it was presenting when executing various mojos. Our
solution to this was to flag mojos that could not be recognized and
the user to install connectors.  This change has been introduced
early in
2011 to let enough time for ppl to try it.

Now, knowing that going back to the old behaviour is not a solution,
are your proposals to improve the situation?

On 2011-06-24, at 10:26 AM, Honnix Liang wrote:
Totally agreed.

This update almost corrupts all of my existing projects. I have to
rollback to earlier version.

Please consider backward compatibility when doing such a huge

BTW, I also didn't see any benefit except mass. Why should I put
Eclipse stuff in pom.xml and other guys in team are using Intellij

On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 6:45 PM, Moser, Christian <cmo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Just tried out our build environment with Indigo and m2e

User-experience :

After a full import of all maven projects, I’ve received following
in almost every pom:

Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: …

After clicking around for some time, I found under pom.xml /
the possibility to ignore those «not covered plugin-lifecycles »

Unfortunately, this modified my pom and added :



                  <!--This plugin's configuration is used to

m2e settings only. It has no influence on the Maven build











In the import wizard, after m2e didn‘t found lifecycle connectors,
should be a combobox in the Action column displayed BEFORE the
clicks an cell. Otherwise it’s not easy to unterstand that this
cell is

Opinion :

In my view, is the attempt to store M2e settings within a platform
!IDE! independent element, such as pom.xml utterly the wrong

I’m using maven because it is an independent build tool, which
does not
care what is used for developing or building maven projects! Even
maven or other IDE’s don’t care for those excludes (eventually..),
don’t wanna be forced to edit all my pom’s or at least the parents
you got any..) for developing with Eclipse.

Is there a possibility to disable this new m2e connector feature
default ?

My suggestions:

-    Store m2e connector excludes anywhere but in the pom.xml

-    Disable m2e connector feature by default

-    Documentation for m2e connectors (what are the advantages ?)

Just my two coins,

Regards Christian

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