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[m2e-users] Running Eclipse-Specific Profile


In the past few days I've been struggling getting the combination of Eclipse+GWT+Spring+Maven to work, but now it all plays nicely.
The thing is that the configuration works 'out-of-the-box' fine in IntelliJ, but in eclipse an additional parameter needs to be passed to the gwt-maven-plugin and possibly to the maven-war-plugin in order for the GWT on eclipse to be able to run the applications (due to the usage of Spring. works fine without it).
Since this is Eclipse-specific, I'm looking for a way to configure it for Eclipse only, so that my IntelliJ-using colleagues won't be affected (and there's no need to affect the build process as a whole).
I realize I can add a profile with the specific configuration, but I'm looking for a hopefully automatic way for eclipse to use the profile without having to define it per-project in its Maven properties (as part of m2eclipse).


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