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Re: [m2e-users] Dependency Resolution Not Working

It is not possible to use external maven runtime for dependency resolution.
We are about to release m2e 1.0.0 and there is maven 3.0.3 embedded runtime you can install from m2e marketplace (accessible from maven/discovery preference page)

Ian Andrew Jones <ian.jones@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I have configured Eclipse to use the m2eclipse plugin and have the 
>latest version available ( from the update site 
>Whilst I also have an external Maven installation (version 3.0.3) 
>configured within the Eclipse preference settings, I have been told
>dependency resolution is still performed by the embedded version.
>The problem I have is that version 3.0.3 fixed a couple of bugs with 
>version ranges and separate repositories for releases and snapshots.
>When I run standard Maven commands from the command line such as "mvn 
>package", the project compile and generates the artifact for me. When
>Eclipse however, even before performing any commands the dependency 
>resolution complains that a number of dependencies cannot be found (due
>to the snapshot and version range bug I think).
>I guess from this I've got 2 questions:
>Is there any way to configure Eclipse to my external installation of 
>Maven for dependency resolution?
>Does anyone know when the embedded version will be updated to 
>incorporate the latest bug fixes? I can't seem to find a road-map for 
>the product anywhere.
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