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Re: [m2e-users] Ignoring the enforcer plugin

Lifecycle mappings contributed by installed eclipse plugins are expected
to override default mappings provided by m2e. Please open a bugreport in
m2e bugzilla if this does not work for you. Make sure to provide
standalone sample project and mapping xml file, so we can understand
what's going on.


On 11-06-02 11:43 AM, Lóránt Pintér wrote:

I've managed to create lifecycle-mapping-configurator Eclipse plugins
for all our internal plugins. Not easy, but doable, and it's a great
improvement that people don't need to add stuff to their POMs to make
them work.

However, I still have things like the Maven enforcer plugin that is
reported to be ignored by m2e. I'm fine with that, so I would like to
remove the warning. Is there a way to specify that I do want it to be
ignored? Can I do it somehow in my parent POM?

BTW, I read this, but it didn't help: :(


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