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[m2e-users] Some m2eclipse-wtp news

Hi all,

due to personal reasons, m2eclipse-wtp has not been very active for the last few months. I'm happy to inform you these times are over.
As a matter of fact, I was hired by Red Hat to work on the Jboss Tools and Developer Studio Team on April 1st. As part of my assignments,
I'll dedicate a fair amount of time to work on m2eclipse-wtp, in order to, well, make it better.
Recent talks with the WTP team showed folks at eclipse have a great interest in seeing the m2eclipse/integration improve.
This means whenever the maven integration is limited by WTP itself, we'll work in concert with the WTP team to make it work, when possible.

Now, in the near future, I plan to release a 0.12 version of m2eclipse-wtp, before the end of April. Along with a few bugfixes,
this version will bring web resources filtering capabilities to eclipse. This should be the last version compatible with m2e-core 0.12.x

The following version - 0.13 - will be aligned with m2e-core 0.13. Along with an increased stability, It'll introduce web overlay support,
the most requested feature in m2eclipse-wtp JIRA. The overlay feature will need to leverage some API introduced in WTP 3.2 (Helios),
hence will require eclipse 3.6 or 3.7 to work. It will be released in June, in the same time frame as Eclipse 3.7 Indigo.

Now some of you know m2eclipse-wtp has been plagued forĀ  several years now with random crashes occurring during project import,
(seeĀ  [1], [2], [3]). It seems the WTP configuration doesn't complete normally but stays silent. NPEs occur later on,
when the code is relying on that missing configuration. This has proven impossible to reproduce so far. as the same set of projects
would behave differently on different workspaces.
In order to fix this, I need your help, you as a community : whoever can reproduce reliably these problems during import, using a clean set of projects
(i.e. without any eclipse metadata -.classpath, .project, ./settings/), please try the latest CI built m2eclipse-wtp 0.12.x
I've added some mildly *aggressive* logging, around dependency configuration, so whenever you see a crash,
please report it in [3] and attach the content of your workspace/.metadata/.log file. Hopefully, this should give us some leads.


Best regards,

Fred Bricon

PS: I would like to thank Eugene Kuleshov, Jason Van Zyl, Igor Fedorenko and Max Andersen for their support all over the past 3 years,
without them, I wouldn't be paid to have fun at Red Hat


"Have you tried turning it off and on again" - The IT Crowd

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