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[m2e-users] Error: Plugin execution not covered by lifecyle configuration


I'm using Eclipse 3.7 M5 with m2eclipse 0.12.1 from which works quite well. One of my projects uses axistools-m-p to have Maven automatically generate Java sources from a WSDL:


This works well both on the command line (Maven 3.0.3) and by using m2eclipse 0.12.1.

Today I decided to try out the newer m2eclipse plugin directly available via Eclipse's update manager and installed Unfortunately the same project doesn't compile anymore because of the following error:

"Plugin execution not covered by lifecyle configuration: org.codehaus.mojo:axistools-maven-plugin:1.4:wsdl2java (execution: create-java-sources, phase: generate-sources)"

When I select "Quick fix" a dialog box pops up and lets me choose between discovering new m2e connectors (pretty cool, but unfortunately there isn't one) and ignoring the wsdl2java goal.

What can (should) I do?



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