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[m2e-users] M2Eclipse seems to ignore finalName

Hi everyone.

I have a project with multi module. 2 of them are relevant to understand my problem. One is of type 'ejb' and the other is of type 'ear'.

My project has several clients and for the clients to find one EJB that my project is serving, they make a lookup with the pattern "EARName/EJBName/remote". For that reason, I need to have control of the EAR final name. To achieve this, I configured the pom.xml of the ear module with the final name I want (which is the name existing clients are already currently pointing to). When I build from the command line, everything works fine, but when I build from M2Eclipse with "Run as > Maven Package" I notice that the EAR goes with the same name as the project of the EAR Module, instead of using the final name declared in the pom.xml

To configure the projects in Eclipse, I deleted every files of Eclipse (like .classpath, .project, etc..) and imported the projects using "Import > Existing Maven Projects"... everything works fine, except the configured final name, that seems to be ignored by M2Eclipse.

Is it a known bug of M2Eclipse or am I doing something wrong?

Rafael Vanderlei

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