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Re: [m2e-users] How to override the default settings in m2eclipse?

It is hard to suggest anything without understanding the use case. Can you explain why you need thid?

Gajo Csaba <csaba.gajo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi all!
>I'm writing a custom plugin which uses some functionality of m2eclipse.
>I would like the preferences of the m2eclipse plugin to have different 
>default values. By this, I mean that currently the user settings file
>set to ${user.dir}/.m2/settings.xml, and I'd like this to be something 
>else, for example /opt/mvn/conf/settings.xml
>This needs to be set on the plugin level, not on the workspace level.
>if someone opens a new workspace, the default values need to be already
>in place. How to do this?
>I've looked at the source code of MavenSettingsPreferencesPage, and I 
>see that it uses the MavenCli class for retrieving its default values:
>The MavenCli class has the values hard-coded like this:
>public static final String userHome = System.getProperty( "user.home"
>public static final File userMavenConfigurationHome = new File( 
>userHome, ".m2" );
>public static final File DEFAULT_USER_SETTINGS_FILE = new File( 
>userMavenConfigurationHome, "settings.xml" );
>So from this, it seems to me that it's not possible to override these 
>Thanks for all replies!
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