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[m2e-users] Problems with generated sources in Eclipse


we have CORBA idl files which are generated into Java Code. Currently we are using Eclipse and the M2Eclipse Plugin 0.10.0. In the generate-sources step the idl files are converted to java files and are placed in target/generated-sources.
In our parent pom we have added the following:
                                <configurator id="org.maven.ide.eclipse.jdt.javaConfigurator" />
                                    id="org.maven.ide.eclipse.buildhelper.buildhelperConfigurator" />
With this settup M2Eclipse adds the target/generated-sources folder as a source folder and the compilation of the sources is successful.

We now want to try out Eclipse 3.6.2 with the newest M2Eclipse Plugin. Unfortunately with 0.12.1 our mechanism doesnt work anymore. If we use 3.6.2 with 0.10.0 its working

Can someonte tell me, how to make a generated folder as a source folder with 0.12.1 ?

Hope the problem is clear

Thanks for any help

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