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Re: [m2e-users] Multi module project m2eclipse problem

The way m2e import wizards find and configure projects is the same
regardless if you import from scm or from local filesystem. If you can
reproduce the problem with "Import Existing Maven Projects" wizard, then
please submit new bugreport in m2e bugzilla [1] and provide a sample
project we can use to reproduce the problem locally.



On 11-03-07 11:00 AM, Weaver, James wrote:
Hi Igor,

One other thing:  If I create a brand new maven project project, and add a
maven module to this project, check into subversion, then check it out again
using the "maven projects from scm", it works properly.  So it's something
about my specific project that has an issue.  I'm comparing the two


On 3/4/11 7:18 PM, "Igor Fedorenko"<igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

³Checkout Maven Projects from SCM² is expected to work. Does your parent
pom.xml have<module>  element for the child?


On 11-03-04 06:34 PM, Weaver, James wrote:

I have Eclipse Helios with 0.12 m2eclipse and subclipse latest stable

I created a new project locally that contains a parent maven module and
one child maven module. I created the child module by using the new
maven module wizard. I ended up with two eclipse projects, one for the
parent maven module, one for the child. Eventually there will be more
child modules. I understand that 0.12 m2eclipse does not support a
single eclipse project with nested maven modules, and that¹s fine.

So everything is fine up to this point, but when I check the whole
enchilada into subversion, and other developers with the same eclipse
version / plugin versions try to check it out, we have issues. The file
structure in SVN looks fine. I have at the parent root folder a pom.xml,
a .classpath, and a .project file. In the folder for the child module,
same set of files. This is how it is structured on my local drive where
I initially created things, and how it looks in SVN.

First we tried checkout of the parent using SVN wizard. No good. The
other developer ends up with a single eclipse project, and even though
our .project files for both the parent and child are checked into
subversion, the java nature is ignored. So no build path, source
packages shown in package explorer, etc. All that is missing. It¹s just
like a big pile of files and all the eclipse metadata that is present
(.project and .classpath files) are apparently being ignored.

Then we tried using the ³Checkout Maven Projects from SCM² wizard. Also
no good. Again, we get a single project in eclipse, and the child module
is just a folder inside this project. And again, the java nature of the
project is lost. There¹s a checkbox in this wizard to ³check out all
projects². We have that checked.

So what is the deal? Once I¹ve checked a multi-pom project into eclipse,
how the heck does another developer check it out in such a way that they
get one eclipse project for each pom, and the eclipse metadata that is
present in subversion (.project, .classpath etc.) is properly applied to
each of those eclipse projects?

Cheers in advance!

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