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Re: [m2e-users] multi-module projects broken in 0.12.1?

Jordan, try organizing projects using Working Sets (and configure your Package Explorer window to use Working Sets for its Top Level Elements setting). That has helped me retain most of my sanity when working in workspaces that house many projects.



On 24 February 2011 21:29, <Jordan.Hein@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks for the info everyone.

I was afraid that this was the case (dropping support for multi-module projects). I did as recommended and imported the project again in eclipse (not my usual way of checking out a project so it took me a while to figure out I needed the subversive integration for m2e) and the import created .project and .classpath files for each module and the modules appear as separate projects now. So using the import to migrate a project forward works. On the down side I now have 18 projects instead of  just one so that will take some getting used to.

I'm concerned how this is going to scale because I usually have a couple of maintenance branches checked out along with the trunk so that will give me a total of 54 projects... *ouch*. On the brighter side because the maven dependencies are at the module level now making the mistake of accidentally using a dependency in a module that is declared in another modules pom won't happen... but that was a minor inconvenience.

So I don't know if I like this change or not. I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes. Hopefully soon someone will re-implement multi-module support as an m2e extension.

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Date: 02/24/2011 12:16 PM
Subject: Re: [m2e-users] multi-module projects broken in 0.12.1?
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Our team encountered too many problems which forced to enter evaluation period of Netbeans:
  • Very slow IDE, which may be caused by the m2eclipse plugin
  • Tons of errors when working WTP, which results in Clean Project, Redeploy, Remove module and add it back to Tomcat, etc.
Our developers were too frustrated to continue working with Eclipse and M2Eclipse, thus we are now working Netbeans 6.9.1, on evaluation period. So far, it works flawlessly and ultra fast.

2011/2/24 Kuntze, Oliver (UIT) <Oliver.Kuntze@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hey Jordan,


unfortunately the m2e team decided to drop multi module project support. Even worse, they don’t plan to bring this feature back.

We have an eai platform based on jbi/servicemix running, so for us multi module project support is crucial, too.

The folks at eclipse have to address this topic.

Currently we are evaluating shifting our organization’s standard ide to netbeans, since it supports multi module projects – Not as good as m2e did, but at least it does.






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Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011 19:38
[m2e-users] multi-module projects broken in 0.12.1?


We decided to do a tool chain update and get the latest eclipse and plugins. Unfortunately when we use the 0.12.1 maven integration for eclipse our multi-module projects are now broken. The maven integration is only seeing the top level module and only putting dependencies from it in the "Maven Dependencies". The modules in the projects are now all showing red X's.

If we switch back to 0.10.x maven integration it works fine.

Is there some sort of setting we are missing that needs to enabled for multi-module projects?

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