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[m2e-users] Artefacts downloaded multiple times?


In the situation described in my previous mail (checked out additional 
maven managed projects from SVN) I also noticed that artefacts
are apparently downloaded several times.

Excerpt from the Maven Console:

2/24/11 11:42:09 AM CET: Downloaded
2/24/11 11:42:10 AM CET: Downloaded
2/24/11 11:42:27 AM CET: Downloading
2/24/11 11:42:28 AM CET: Downloaded

Is this normal?

PS: Is there a way to make the Maven Console to have a larger buffer size?
I asked it a while ago, but no reply:

David Balažic
Software Engineer


    Litijska 51, 1000 Ljubljana

    phone: +386 81 60 8937
    fax: +386 1 586 52 70

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