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[m2e-users] ejb-client dependency in ear project


i am using m2eclipse 0.12.1 with the current WTP integration from m2e/extras.

I have a problem using ejb-client artifact. How do i add a dependency to a ejb-client artifact?

My project is an enterprise application (EAR). It contains a simple library (jar), an EJB jar and a WAR.
The EJB uses a remote (well, at least not in the same EAR) Service from another EJB-Project.

From maven viewpoint i would suggest a configuration like this:

EJB-Project (abbreviated) :

In the EAR Project i have defined a defaultLibBundleDir of "lib".
When i deploy to my server m2eclipse puts my library dependencies
into EAR-Project/lib. But for some reason the ejb-client library is
put into the root of the EAR-Project. This results in ClassNotFoundExceptions.

Another problem related to this is, m2eclipse resolves my ejb-client
dependency from the workspace. If this happens and i deploy to the
server, the whole EJB Project will be packaged into the EAR although
i declared a dependency only on the client artifact. A simple workaround
for this is to close the EJB Project. But the problem mentioned above

How can i depend on an ejb-client artifact when i use m2eclipse and
package an EAR project?

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