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Re: [m2e-users] WTP and Multi-module project woes.


Tonight, I've identified a key contributor to this problem. Our projects have been configured / hacked to allow for skinny wars. When I remove that configuration (which is configuration for the Maven war plugin) my problem disappears.

I'm perfectly happy to remove that configuration (skinny wars should happen only after Maven supports it natively, in my opinion - but that's another issue altogether). After consulting Fred Bricon, I've raised which includes sample code.

Given this discovery, I'm not sure at all if this is actually a bug in WTP, or a somewhat-to-be-expected result of our skinny-war hack. As I'm not that familiar with the expected behaviour of Maven and WTP in this respect, I'll leave that up to Fred and peers to decide.



On 15 February 2011 14:53, Guus der Kinderen <guus.der.kinderen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Using my combination of Eclipse, M2Eclipse and the WTP extra, a pretty annoying problem pops up. For all of our multi-module projects, the dependencies of WAR-typed modules appear to be messed up, while "workspace resolution" is enabled (removing the <type>war</type> declaration from their pom resolves the problem immediately). Compiling the code from the command line works fine, which leads me to believe that m2eclipse is a contributing factor in this problem.

I've found several JIRA issues that all appear to relate to similar issues:
in MWAR-192 Eugene Kuleshov appears to indicate that using a WTP integration should prevent this problem from occurring. I am using WTP integration, but I'm experiencing an issue. Where does this go wrong, and more importantly: is there a way to work around it?

Related version information:
  • Eclipse Helios SR1
  • Maven Integration for Eclipse (Required)
  • Maven Integration for WTP (Optional)
User odin_ on / #m2eclipse suggested that I first uninstall all Maven-related plugins from Eclipse, and then reinstall them. I did (which gave me the exact same versions of both plugins) but this did not resolve our issue.

What is going on here? Can this issue be prevented in such a way that:
  • our Eclipse projects appear as compliation-problem free, and;
  • does not require me to explain to all of my co-workers that they have to install all modules in their local repository for these projects to work?


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