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Re: [m2e-users] WTP and Multi-module project woes.

MNGECLIPSE-2676 only affects RunAs->Maven* actions, i.e. when Maven
build is executed in external JVM. It does not affect dependency
resolution of workspace projects nor it affects m2e-wtp integration.


On 11-02-15 08:56 AM, Ronald Spierenburg wrote:
According to the
workspace resolution for 0.12 fails. This is a problem i encountered as

For me reverting to version 0.10 fixed this problem.


On 02/15/2011 02:53 PM, Guus der Kinderen wrote:

Using my combination of Eclipse, M2Eclipse and the WTP extra, a pretty
annoying problem pops up. For all of our multi-module projects, the
dependencies of WAR-typed modules appear to be messed up, while
"workspace resolution" is enabled (removing the <type>war</type>
declaration from their pom resolves the problem immediately).
Compiling the code from the command line works fine, which leads me to
believe that m2eclipse is a contributing factor in this problem.

I've found several JIRA issues that all appear to relate to similar


in MWAR-192 Eugene Kuleshov appears to indicate that using a WTP
integration should prevent this problem from occurring. I /am/ using
WTP integration, but I'm experiencing an issue. Where does this go
wrong, and more importantly: is there a way to work around it?

Related version information:

    * Eclipse Helios SR1
    * Maven Integration for Eclipse (Required)
    * Maven Integration for WTP (Optional)

User odin_ on <> / #m2eclipse
suggested that I first uninstall all Maven-related plugins from
Eclipse, and then reinstall them. I did (which gave me the exact same
versions of both plugins) but this did not resolve our issue.

What is going on here? Can this issue be prevented in such a way that:

    * our Eclipse projects appear as compliation-problem free, and;
    * does not require me to explain to all of my co-workers that they
      have to install all modules in their local repository for these
      projects to work?



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