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[m2e-users] Resource filtering from run configuration in parent project


I'm using eclipse helios with m2eclipse 0.10 and have the following project structure

* parent
    * module A
    * module B

The parent pom contains my profile with all the application settings ('development' and 'production'). The 'development' profile is active by default.

Module A contains the resources that need to be filtered (logging, database settings, etc)

Module B contains a jetty:run configuration.

Now i've setup an eclipse run configuration with start the goal jetty:run in the module B eclipse project. When i specify a profile for this run configuration ('production') the resources in module A don't get filtered again. So the 'development' profile is still the last profile used for filtering the resources.

Is there a way of telling m2eclipse to filter the resources of module A again when starting the run configuration for module B ?


Ronald Spierenburg

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