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Re: [m2e-users] Maven Eclipse and one classpath

We are currently limited with what JDT offers. 
One possibility could be to create two projects from one pom, but I'm really sure that this is a model that scales well.
I will reach out to Olivier Thomann from JDT core to see if he has any idea (maybe around the export rules that can be specified on a library)

On 2011-02-04, at 4:20 AM, mremersoncod@xxxxxxx wrote:


out of curiosity... is there any way with the current Eclipse and plugin to handle the problem of different classpaths given by Maven (compile <-> test for example) and only one in Eclipse ?

So if I have a maven project which defines DepA in scope test, its fine for maven and it will complain if I use DepA in productive source. But Eclipse doesnt complain, as Eclipse only knows one classpath and no differentiation.

Is this avoidable with the current Eclipse - or will this be possible with the MavenIDE or the new Eclipes-MavenIntegration Release ?

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