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Re: [m2e-users] How to run groovy tests

You'll probably have better luck with generic maven user questions of
maven-users mailing list.

As for m2e and maven 3... m2e 0.12.1 comes bundled with maven 3.0.2
runtime. Bundled maven runtime is used m2e by default to RunAs->Maven,
but you can configure additional/alternative maven runtimes. Both Maven
2.x and 3.x are expected to work.

I am not familiar with m3eclipse.


On 11-01-31 04:20 PM, siegfried@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have some unit tests that run fine in eclipse.

I cannot seem to make maven find and run the tests, however.

After doing some google searching I found

I've tried moving my tests to src/test/groovy and experimented with
several other directory configurations and it never seems to find the
tests (eclipse does, but not m2eclipse).

Here is my POM. What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to run my tests
using m2eclipse and not install maven?

Also: is it possible to run Maven3 from m2eclipse? Can m2eclipse coexist
with m3eclipse?

Here is my pom.xml

<project xmlns="";
   <name>interviews program exercises</name>
   <description>Programs written for interviews</description>

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