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Re: [m2e-users] Only Dependencies from top level pom.xml in classpath

How many projects do you have in workspace after import. You are
supposed to see four -- parent, jar, ear, war. Projects "parent" and
"ear" are not expected to have meaningful classpath, but "jar" and "war"
should have proper classpath.


On 11-01-31 12:35 PM, Billy N wrote:
I have updated to 0.12.1 and I am still having problems.

I am checking out from an SVN repository. I go to my repo location and
checkout my project but when I do I get the same results, i.e. my 'Maven
Libraries' classpath location only has the dependencies in it from the
root level pom (non of the module poms dependencies are included).

I have also tried to do New Project -> Maven -> checkout from SCM but
when I so that the SCM type combo box is empty. Do I need to do this???
Or should I be able to just check out the project through the SVN Repo

I am running eclipse 3.6 and m2e 0.12.1. Any more help is greatly


 > Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 19:27:17 -0500
 > From: igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 > To: m2e-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
 > Subject: Re: [m2e-users] Only Dependencies from top level pom.xml in
 > What m2eclipse version are you using?
 > It sounds like you are on 0.10.0 and imported multi-module maven project
 > as single Eclipse workspace project. This is no supported starting with
 > 0.12.x. Please upgrade to 0.12.1 and reimport the project, ideally into
 > a new workspaces. This will automatically create separate workspace
 > project for each maven module, and each project will have proper
 > --
 > Regards,
 > Igor
 > On 11-01-29 04:19 PM, Billy N wrote:
 > >
 > > Sorry for the confusion, this is an already existing project and I
 > > cannot break it into multiple projects at this time. Nor can I checkout
 > > each module as its own project. Unfortunately the top level project has
 > > all the attached source (coming from different modules).
 > >
 > > I.E (three source folders for the project):
 > > jar/main/java/src for the jar
 > > ear/main/java/src for the ear
 > > war/main/java/src for the war
 > >
 > > So the top level pom contains the modules:
 > > <module>jar</module>
 > > <module>ear</module>
 > > <module>war</module>
 > >
 > > But this pom does not contain the dependencies for each of those
 > > modules, each module has at least one more pom file, ie under the jar
 > > folder the is a pom that contains the dependencies for the jar stuff.
 > >
 > > This is an old project and I really cannot break it apart at this
 > > So I am stuck, basically I am adding in each jar file to the classpath.
 > > the problem is that whenever I need a new dependency or a newer version
 > > I have to update the correct pom file and I have to remove the old
 > > version of the jar from the classpath and add the new version to the
 > > classpath. I would really like to just update the pom and have the
 > > plugin deal with my classpath.
 > >
 > > Do anyone have any other ideas that might work??
 > >
 > > Thanks!

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