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[m2e-users] m2e bugzilla is live

To comply with Eclipse foundation requirements, we are starting to use
eclipse bugzilla [1] to track all m2e problems and enhancement requests.

We do not plan to do mass-migration of all existing jira issues to
bugzilla, but we'll likely migrate recent active issues. We are also
asking m2e users to recreate "their" issues in bugzilla. This will allow
you to follow the progress of the work on the issue. It will also help
us make sure only current issues are carried over to bugzilla.

Here is the initial list of bugzilla components but we may add more if

   project import, configuration, build lifecycle mapping and
   dependency resolution. also, default/catch-all component
   Form-based and text-based pom.xml editor
   Wizard, preference
   java compile and runtime classpath for workspace projects


M2E Team

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