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Re: [m2e-users] missing lyficecle mapping for "war"

No, m2e will not try to guess anything. Somebody will have to explain
m2e what to do with war projects.

We could provide some dumb configuration (or "lifecycle mapping" as we
call it) as part of the core, but currently we are leaning towards not
doing that.

Those red markers for unsupported/unknown packaging types and maven
plugin executions provide immediate and clear feedback that there is a
problem, which I believe is much better behaviour than current
may-or-may-not-work experience. There will also be quick-fixes to
discover and install additional m2e extension, just give us few more
weeks to finish the core... and then whatever Fred needs to do m2e-wtp ;-)


On 11-01-14 03:47 PM, ildella@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I'd like to help but I am both I am incompetent on eclipse plugin
development, so it would take too much time to start.

Anyway, I've tried m2e-core 0.13 for a while, dependencies
autocomplete was working and, guys, it sounds sooooo good.

About war project, can't the plugin just ignore the fact that is a war
and present the project like a standard Java project?

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 3:35 PM, Fred Bricon<fbricon@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Work hasn't started on the m2eclipse-wtp front yet
( Mainly due to lack of
time (there already are some issues in progress) but also because the API is
not finalized yet.
However, should a dev build of m2e-core be released by the end of January,
I'll try to speed the migration process so we get a compatible build.

Anyway, since the source is on github
(, feel free to fork the project
and add compatibility for 0.13 :-)


Fred Bricon

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 3:23 PM, Pascal Rapicault<pascal@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

These builds are not ready for general consumption yet.
m2e is going under a major redesign especially in the way m2e understands
the poms and integrates with the rest of the IDE (aka lifecycle mappings).
Once this stabilizes, other tools will have to be updated as well.
We are hoping to have something ready by end of January for the core, but
I can't speak for the WTP integration or others.


On 2011-01-14, at 9:12 AM, ildella@xxxxxxxxx wrote:


I just get this error in all my war poms:

Unknown or missing lifecycle mapping (project packaging type="war")

I am trying M2E snapshot build from

and I can't install any m2e wtp cause dependencies does not match.
I do not really need WTP support, mayvbe there is a way to workaround
the missing lifecycle mapping?


Daniele Dellafiore
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