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[m2e-users] m2eclipse + jrockit jdk fail


I'm trying to understand some odd behavior with m2eclipse running
under a JRockit JDK.  The problem is that when I start up eclipse,
m2eclipse tries to update indexes.  I have a local, private,
repository that my settings.xml points to.  When I start eclipse,
m2eclipse tries to perform the index update but never completes.
There is no progress indicator or anything in the console.  What is
strange, apart from this never ending update, is that this works
perfectly when running eclipse under the sun jdk.  Here is my setup:

eclipse helios
Maven Integration for Eclipse
Subclipse (Required)	1.6.16
Win XP


If anyone has any information on this behavior, please let me know...
It's a head scratcher and has cost me some time trying to isolate the



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