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[m2e-users] Eclipse Labs? GItub? ossrh?

Recent email here pushed the importance of the broader community
providing components for the m2e ecosystem. I've been looking into
some questions of mechanics related to this.

M2E has code on github and update sites at Sonatype. Once you finish
the move to Eclipse, presumably it will be code at Eclipse (using
their new git facility?) and update sites at Eclipse.

What about the rest of us?

github is awfully convenient for code, especially for those of us
growing a git monkey on our backs. But it's no help at all for
publishing an update site, I think. I'm suspecting that Eclipse
Labs/Google Code is possible here, though I have yet to find the doc
on their site for 'how'.

However, it has also occurred to me to wonder if the nice Nexus Pro
instance of OSSRH is a better solution here. If P2 were turned on,
could it not become the 'central' for the M2E ecosystem?

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