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[m2e-users] M2Eclipse 0.12 does not update snapshots anymore?

Hi all,


I have recently updated to M2Eclipse (v0.12.0.20101115-1102) and now, it seems that snapshots never gets updated (at least when using MavenàUpdate snapshots). Even worse, when I manually remove the previous version of a snapshot from the repository, the file is not downloaded. The only thing that works is the download of Javadoc and source (although I have to remove the entire snapshot directory).

This used to work with M2Eclipse

“Offline” checkbox in the preferences is unchecked.


From the command-line, when I use Maven 2.0.10 it works like a charm, so it does not seem to be related to my settings (I have set the updatePolicy to always for snapshots in my settings).


Is there something new that I have missed? Any hints on what I could be missing?


Many thanks in advance,



Guillaume Polet

Terhulpsesteenweg 6C - 1560 Hoeilaart - Belgium
tel. +32 2 893 1340 - fax.  - mobile +32 492 744306

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