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Re: [m2e-users] [m2eclipse-dev] m2e 0.12.0 released

Old m2e/scm integration won't install on m2e 0.12.0. It is trivial to
make it install, but I don't have time to test if it actually works and
did not feel comfortable publishing completely untested code. So for now
you can only import from local filesystem and will have to checkout

If somebody is interested to take over development and maintenance of
m2e/subclipse integration or any other components, please raise your
hand on m2e-dev list and I will help you get started.


On 10-11-19 02:25 PM, Marshall Schor wrote:
I'm trying this out - in Eclipse 3.6.1.

I see the M2Extras no longer has the integration with SCMs - is this correct?
So the functionality that was previously there to allow checking out maven
projects from SVN, for instance, is not in this version?

If this is right, is the recommended alternative to check out things from SCM
using the scm tooling into a "working copy", and then use Eclipse "Import" ->
Import Existing Maven Projects?

-Marshall Schor

On 11/19/2010 12:09 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
The M2Eclipse Team is happy to announce the release of M2Eclipse 0.12.0.
This M2Eclipse release comes with the Maven 3.0 (final) version of the
embedder. Another notable change is the inclusion of a brand-new http
transport layer based on JBoss Netty [2] and Ning Async Http Client [3].
The new release is already available from the usual update site [1] and
we will update the m2eclipse installation page later today.

This M2Eclipse version contains API changes that make many existing
M2Eclipse Extensions incompatible. To avoid confusion, we have updated
the M2Eclipse Extras update site to only include components compatible
with M2Eclipse 0.12.0. The old components are available from an archived
update site.

Special note for m2eclipse-wtp users. You can install a compatible
version from *staging* repository [4]. The official version will be
available from M2Eclipse Extras update site as soon as the m2eclipse-wtp
0.11.1 release is officially declared.

As we already mentioned, this will be the last m2eclipse-core released
from Sonatype. We are moving the code to the Eclipse Foundation, and we
will start publishing new snapshot builds from there as soon as we get
through the IP clearance process.


M2Eclipse Team

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