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Re: [m2e-users] staged m2eclipse-core 0.12.0

m2e only supports import of each maven module as separate workspace project.


On 10-11-10 07:53 AM, Thorsten Heit wrote:

We staged m2eclipse-core 0.12.0. This version comes with Maven 3.0
(final) version of embedder. Another notable change is inclusion of
brand-new http transport layer based on JBoss Netty [2] and Ning
Async Http Client [3]. Please give this new version a try and let us
know about any regressions.

I don't see the menu entry "Enable nested modules" anymore. Is this
feature still available and if yes, enabled by default? Is it needed at
all as before?

I have a workspace project that is written by one of my colleagues and
which is realized using Ant and therefore has its own non-Maven-like
folder structure. To use that project in my Maven build I added a pom.xml
in the project root realizing a quite simple multi-module project

<project root>
+-<actual project folders>
+- pom.xml
    +- module-jar
       +- pom.xml
    +- module-resources
       +- pom.xml

So far I clicked in the project's context "Maven ->  Enable nested modules"
followed by "Update Project Configuration" and could work with that
project in Eclipse.

Today I realized that this doesn't work anymore:

- "Update Project Configuration" doesn't change the actual Ant-build
source folders to those managed by my pom.xmls
- The project doesn't contain the "Maven Dependencies" entry.
- It seems that the project configuration is based on the top-level
pom.xml; the actual configuration which is contained in the two modules is

The whole project therefore contains lots of compile errors.

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