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Re: [m2e-users] [m2eclipse-user] Resource files not copied to target folder . We plan more predictable behaviour in the next major m2e release. We don't have specific dates yet.


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On 10-11-08 12:16 PM, David Balažic wrote:

Using m2eclipse 0.11/0.10 (last release for Eclipse Helios, from the official site*, before the 0.12)
in Eclipse Helios SR-1 I noticed, that sometimes the resource files are not copied ti the target folder.

I have a txt (or xml, it does not seem to matter) file under src/main/resource
Sometimes it is not copied to the target/classes folder

I think it happens after I make a change to the POM.xml file (like add a new dependency).

If I edit one of such resource file and save it, it gets copied to the target/classes folder (but the other resource
file is not, until I don't edit it too).

If I do a Project / Clean (with rebuild), all resource files are copied.

I vaguely remember sometimes they are not copied even after a Clean/Rebiuld.

Can someone sched some on this?

When I run apps in Eclipse by alt-shift X, J I get FileNotFound exceptions for this eresource files.
Before I "fixed" it by calling menu Run / Configurations and adding project/src/main/resources to the classpath.
Now I noticed that is not necessary, I just have to make sure the files get to the target/class folder...

I attach my pom file.

* -

David Balažic

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