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Re: [m2e-users] Compiler version weirdness


starting from version 2.3.2, maven-compiler-plugin defaults to source 1.5. This is the version defined by default in maven 3.0 final, previous versions used source = 1.4.

In order for m2eclipse to configure java source compiler to 1.5 by default, you need to either lock the maven-compiler-plugin version in your pom (highly advised) :

or you can pick an m2eclipse-core plugin based on maven 3.0 (0.12.0 has been staged here [1]). However, due to an incompatibility between core 0.12.0 and current m2e-wtp 0.11.0, you'd better wait for a fix in the next few days before upgrading.



Fred Bricon

2010/11/3 David Balažic <david.balazic@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I use Eclipse Java EE Helios SR-1
and m2eclipse items:
 - feature 0.10.2
 - subclipse.feature 0.10.0
 - scm.feature 0.10.0
 - wtp.feature

I created a new maven project and noticed that the Eclipse classpath and compiler versions
are set to 1.4.

This page* says:
the default source setting is 1.5 and the default target setting is 1.

So I wonder why does m2eclipse configure 1.4 in the Eclipse project.

* -

David Balažic
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