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[m2e-users] m2eclipse-core is moving to eclipse foundation

Here is the plan...

There will be new m2eclipse-core build during next few days. This build
include maven embedder based on maven 3.0 final and new http transport,
which hopefully will solve all outstanding http/https issues. This
release will happen off rb-0.12.x branch @github. I will try to get
patches for MNGECLIPSE-2433 and MNGECLIPSE-2004 to this branch later
today. If you are consuming m2eclipse-core from git, you want to switch
to rb-0.12.x branch.

In parallel with getting the new m2e-core build out, we will do work
needed to prepare m2eclipse-core code for initial contribution to
Eclipse. This involves renaming everything to be in org.eclipse.m2e.*
namespace, adding Eclipse license headers and other fun stuff (see [1]
if you are curious). I do not know how much time this is going to take,
but we plan to start publishing snapshot builds of the migrated code as
soon as we have the code We are trying to have
m2eclipse-core accepted in Eclipse 3.7 Indigo release train, so
hopefully this will not take too long.

Unfortunately, this means that mailing lists will have to move once
again and once again you will have to subscribe to the new lists, i.e.
there will be no subscription migration. The mailing lists
are already up (see [2] for details). We plan to close lists in next couple of weeks. At this point we have no plans to
use newsgroups/forums and will only read and reply on the
mailing lists.

You can track our progress in m2eclipse jira [3].


M2Eclipse Team

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