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Re: [m2e-dev] How are generated-sources prevented from compiling?

m2e does not generate sources jars during workspace build, or any jar
for that matter.

Eclipse java tooling has explicit support for source-level references
among workspace projects and this is what m2e uses when <dependency> is
resolved to another workspace project.

For dependencies resolved from Maven repositories, m2e will use attached
sources jars and fall back to attached javadoc jar.

org.eclipse.jdt.core.IClasspathEntry javadoc has more information.


On 2015-02-10 10:05, Richard Bondi wrote:
Hi m2e devs,

How does the eclipse plugin avoid the following confusion?

AFAIK the m2e plugin (i) uses the generat-sources jar when doing builds,
but (ii) also optionally allows the user to display the generated .java
files in a Source folder... and yet (iii) Eclipse doesn't get confused
by duplicate classes of the jar and the compiled .java files.

I'm asking on behalf of someone who is writing an Eclipse plugin for a
different, non-Maven build system, and who claims he can't show the
.java files from JAXB generated source because Eclipse will get confused
by the jar he is telling Eclipse to use for builds.


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