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Re: [lyo-users] where to find the docs of Lyo/oslc4j



Please note that we have now consolidated almost all relevant Lyo documentation to the OSLC Developer Guide, where you can find even more resources for developing OSLC applications.


Under the Eclipse Wiki there remains some pages, which I believe are mostly out of date.

If you find content of interest, please flag it for us.




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Hi Guofeng,


We are moving the docs now but you should start from






Feel free to ask more questions here! Good luck!





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I am new to Lyo/oslc4j. I want to know where to find the document like tutorial or developer guide. I can not find them on the  web site. I cannot know the way how t

start programming use oslc4j. 


Any link about getting started with oslc4j is appreciated.


Thanks for your help.



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