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[lyo-dev] Why add If-Match twice?

I'm working with the org.eclipse.lyo.client.java.sample package (to try to troubleshoot my OSLC4NET problems) and had a question. In the DoorsOauthSample.java file, I can get a DOORS requirement just fine, and manipulate it as intended. When I modify a requirement, it calls OslcOAuthClient:updateResource. Inside that function is the line:

return restClient.resource(url).contentType(mediaType).accept(acceptType).header("Authorization",authHeader).header(HttpHeaders.IF_MATCH, ifMatch).header(OSLCConstants.OSLC_CORE_VERSION,"2.0").header(HttpHeaders.IF_MATCH, ifMatch).put(artifact);

Why is the IF_MATCH header set twice?


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