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Re: [lyo-dev] OSLC Consumer adapter generator - SOAP UI-like

Hi Jean-Luc,
Lyo has a code generator for adapters, if you want to create a link between an OSLC enabled product and some other application. The adapter is essentially a client sitting between OSLC and non-OSLC applications so that might be one place to start. See the Adapter Code Generator Workshop for more info.
Lyo includes a Reference Implementation for OSLC (RIO). This is an OSLC server, but there are a set of JUnit tests that exercise the server. The code for these tests may give you some insight into how an OSLC client is set up and how it makes use of OSLC. This page describes how to build Lyo, including the RIO and tests.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.
- Jim
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Hello OSLC community,


I have seen that there is a scaffold project at lyo for generating an OSLC service provider. Unless I  have missed it, does Lyo provide a code generator for a generic consumer application? A sample code could look like to SOAP client generation from a wsdl document.


Best regards,

Jean-Luc .




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