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[lyo-dev] OSLC Javascript Client


I want to share with you a initial version of a OSLC _javascript_ client that I have developed to communicate with IBM Rational Team Concert. I have not had time to test with other OSLC enabled tools or other domains, but I think thatÂthis will not be difficult, because this library is basically a port of Lyo Java Client.Â
The link isÂhttps://github.com/fernando-silva/oslc-js-client.

The main functionalities that are implemented in this version are:

- Creation
- UpdateÂ
- Delete
- Creation Dialog
- Selection Dialog
- Query

Obs.: It's necessary to be logged in the target tool in order to use the client. The login module will be implemented a part, because it's specif of each tool.

Thank you, Fernando.