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Re: [lyo-dev] Question (issue) on querying info

Hi Carlos,

I would double check the URLs of the resources via the DWA browser interface. If the URLs of the resources don't look correct, you might have to re-run the dbadmin commands on the improperly working DOORS database to set it up properly  with the correct URLs for hostname, protocol, port etc.



Clyde Icuspit

Technology Analysis and Strategy
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IBM Corporation

From:        Carlos Alberto Maciel Gutierrez/Mexico/Contr/IBM <macielg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        lyo-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        03/12/2015 02:14 PM
Subject:        [lyo-dev] Question (issue) on querying info
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I have an application that uses the lyo jars to connect to DOORS DWA just fine using the OAUTH methods. The procedure is simple: Log in, then get the query capabilities of a certain project and then perform a query to fetch a list of requirements.

This is a sample query using the term '*'.

Works everywhere we have tested but in one single DOORS instance (with no internet access) we can't get any results. We can log-in just fine, get the query capabilities too. But we can't get any results from the query from the application.

Do you know if DOORS DWA or the lyo libraries do require internet access to work ? or is this some kind of bug related to the lyo libraries and doors dwa combination?

Thanks in advance.

Lyo libraries version: 2.1
DOORS DWA version:


Carlos A. Maciel
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